Food Safety

The Health Protection Team provides residents and businesses with advice about food safety.

Our duties include inspecting food businesses for compliance with food safety requirements, investigating complaints about food premises and food items whilst also providing advice on all matters related to food safety.

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To check the hygiene standards of food businesses in Northamptonshire go to the national Food Hygiene Ratings website.

If you are a food business and require advice on how the system works for you,see

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The following headings will direct you to useful topics which are relevant to both business and residents:

Advice/Guidance Advice and guidance can be found here with regard to specific food safety issues. Useful links can also be found directing you to general requirements and guidance.
Events/Mobile/Temporary Campsites If you are arranging a community event, you have responsibilities to ensure that any food you provide is safe. Mostly it is common sense, but there are a few things you need to consider.
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme It is our job to give residents and visitors peace of mind, by working with local businesses to promote good food hygiene and making sure businesses comply with the law. We publish all our inspections on the web so you know what to expect when you visit your favourite restaurant or food shop.
Food Hygiene Training The amount of training, instructions or supervision that staff working with food need depends on the type of food handling they do. A number of courses from different providers are available.
Food Premises Register The Food Premises Register is a list of all registered food businesses within South Northamptonshire Council's district.
Healthy Eating We are part of the Eat Out Eat Well Scheme and we offer a nationally recognised award to good, hygienic premises that provide healthy menu choices. Call us to find out more details.
Home Catering If you are preparing or handling food at home that is to be taken somewhere else to be eaten, then this guide applies to you. This applies to you if you prepare or handle food at home for weddings, parties, group meetings such as lunch clubs, church and village halls, social clubs who provide food for members, cake makers, community centres, childminders, farmers markets and boot fair or market stalls that sell food.
Imported Food New foods from around the world enter the UK every year. To ensure that this food is safe for consumers it is tested and sampled by Port Health authorities and local authorities. For more information regarding imported food see
Infectious Disease We all get infections at some stage during our lives. The impact on our well being can be minor or very serious. Here you will find more information about the common types of illness, the role of the Local Authority has in investigation these, and the important steps you should take if you are a food business or food handler.
Safer Food - Better Business A lot of consideration has been given to help smaller food businesses comply with food regulations without introducing an unnecessary burden. Following extensive consultation with the food industry the Food Standards Agency (FSA) developed Safer Food Better Business (SFBB).
Sampling Throughout the year, the Health Protection team takes food samples from businesses in the district. These samples are sent to the Health Protection Agency laboratory in Birmingham and are tested to identify any bacteria which may be growing in them. This helps us to identify potential problems and develop detailed information and guidance to improve food hygiene in the district.
Waste (Food) All commercial waste must be disposed of by a registered waste carrier and not the domestic waste service. There are further rules that apply to food of animal origin (meat) that is disposed of by all shops, butchers and manufacturers.

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