What can the council do about the chimes of ice cream vans?

As summer and the longer, warmer months approach, more and more ice-cream van noise seem to be present in our local communities and streets. Noise from ice-cream vans can be unwanted and intrusive.

In some specific instances, where ice-cream vans sound their chimes, this may result in a statutory nuisance. But more often than not, the ice-cream van will move around your area and chime in different locations - therefore, this could be less likely.

Under Section 62 within the Control of Pollution Act, 1974 action may be taken if ice-cream van chimes are sounding after 7:00pm, or before 12:00pm (Midday), or if they are sounded at anytime as to cause an annoyance. There is a code of practice which states it's an offence to sound chimes 'so as to cause annoyance'.

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