Other developments

Developers and applicants must provide information on the following matters relevant to each of the planning class order:

A1 and A2 Noise, opening hours (including deliveries and servicing), odour, fume and externally mounted plant. Refuse storage and removal.
A3, C1, C2, D1 and D2 Noise from the premises and patrons, amplified music or other entertainment, beer gardens, externally mounted plant. Cooking and other odours, waste storage and removal.
B1 Noise from the building and process (including impact and vehicle noise), externally mounted plant. Fumes, vapours and odours. Hours of work including deliveries and servicing.
B2 As B1 assessment is likely to be more rigorous and may involve the Environment Agency and/or the Local Authority, determination will be required as to IPPC.
C3 Noise assessment required in most cases. Possibly fume, odour, waste storage.


Any premises with a combustion appliance rated higher than .4 Mw heat input is likely to require prior approval of chimney height under the Chimney Height Approval Regulations.

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