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  1. Navigating from the Homepage
  2. Go back to homepage
  3. Content on the pages
  4. Using the footer options
  5. Printing pages
  6. Saving favourites
  7. Download PDF reader


1. Navigating from the Homepage

Search facility

Search Bar

Use the search to find all results on the website from a specific word or enter a phrase of something you're trying to find. The search is best used when you are not quite sure what you are looking for and want to browse the options that come up. On a majority of searches you will be presented with a quicklink box that appears first, this will always give you the online service that is available.

A to Z

A to Z of Services

The A to Z is for finding a specific area that you want to look at, knowing the word means you can go straight to that letter and be taken straight to that page. If you can't find what you are looking for, try using the search facility to see if we do have information on the subject.

Navigation top menu

Top Menu

Top News

Top news

These top news stories change regularly and will always give you an idea of the latest news happening specific to the Council.


News Article

You can also view all other news items dating back to 2010, by clicking on the 'view more news'.

Top Tasks

Top 10 Tasks

These top tasks have been added to the home page for quick links to our most hits pages in accordance with the website statistics. If your task isn't listed, please select the full list of online tasks.



The current 5 events always show on the home page, but if you would like to view future events, click on 'forthcoming events' and search through our list of events.

Contact details

Contact Details


Contact details for the council are displayed on the homepage. If you want to contact a specific department, other authority or emergency contacts click on the contact us link.


2. Go back to home


Top of page

Image of Homepage Header

To get back to the home page at any point, you simply need to hover your cursor over the header image at the top of the page and the link will appear in the sky. This is the same approach as most websites to link to homepage in the header.

Use the Breadcrumb trail

Breadcrumb trail

To get back to the home page or the previous page you were on, it is best to use the breadcrumbs. They are at the top of each page and they help you see the journey you have just taken and how to get back. Each page listed on the breadcrumb is a link.

Home link on the footer


The footer stays the same on every page and is positioned at the very bottom. No matter where you are on the site, you will have access to the home page from here.

3. Content on the page

Left hand menu

Left hand menu

This menu gives you access to all the other pages within that section. The menu will always stay on the left so you can click through all the pages.

Do it online

Do it Online

Watch out for these options on the right hand side, they give you an online service option when it is available. If this doesn't appear on the page, it means there isn't an online service at this present time.

Contact details

Contact Details

On the right hand side of every page you should see the Contact Details, which are relevant to that department or service.

Related pages

Related pages

This option doesn't appear on all pages, but it is a guide for you to know that another page might be useful to you or possibly be the page you were looking for if the page your on isn't correct.



Links to documents and websites are marked on the page by the blue underlined text.

4. Using the footer options



Takes you back to homepage.

A to Z of services
Takes you to the A to Z list of all the Council services, the same as the link on the homepage.

Site map
Provides the layout/hierarchy of the whole website. This is good to use if you want to know where something is on the website or to see the whole contents of the site.

Website help
Website help is still being developed but it currently contains the same details as this handbook.

Website stats
The stats show you how many people visit our website every month and the increase in hits over the past years, dated back to 2005.

The Councils Copyright Statement, disclaimer and website privacy policy.

Contact us
Takes you to the Contact Us page.

5. Printing pages

The pages have been setup to only print the content, so you don't waste ink printing all the images.

You can print out the page you are reading by clicking on the print icon.

Print icon

6. Saving favourites

If you frequently visit the same page, you can save it as a favourite to make it easier to return to.

Add favourite


7. Download PDF reader

Documents on our website are available in PDF format. You can read these using Adobe Reader or alternative PDF readers.