Climate change in Northamptonshire

Within the lifetimes of most residents in Northamptonshire today, climate change in the county will mean:

The size and speed of the changes depend mainly on how much carbon dioxide is emitted around the world over the next few decades.

If emissions grow fairly modestly, Northamptonshire is likely to experience:

  2020 2050 2080
Summer mean temperature +1.4 +2.5 +3.5
Summer mean rainfall -5% -15% -19%
Winter mean rainfall +6% +14% +18%


Scientists believe that it will be very difficult to cope with global temperature increases of more than about 2 degrees. While the UK might be able to cope better than some poorer, low-lying countries, temperature rises of 3-4 degrees in only 75 years would be extremely hard to deal with.

For more information on these projections please visit the UK Climate Impact Programme website.

Changes in Northamptonshire
Local weather observers say that Northamptonshire, like the rest of the UK, has seen many records broken over the last ten years.

Naturalists have started to notice changes in the county's plants and animals, for example:

Although these changes do not in themselves 'prove' that long-term global change is happening, they are consistent with scientific predictions.

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