Planning Policy Strategies and Evidence Base

We have a range of strategies and local evidence that informs our consideration of development proposals.

Nortoft Leisure Study

This Study (2011) has considered Leisure needs across South Northamptonshire.

which was considered at Policy Committee on 4th July 2011.

Open Space Strategy

The strategy sets out the vision for open space and the goals it wants to achieve, plus the resources, methods and time needed to meet these goals. Open spaces contribute to the achievement of national and regional policy objectives, as well as contributing to our wider local objectives.

Playing Pitch Strategy

This strategy builds on the recently completed PPG17 compliant open space, sport and recreation study which considers the provision of open spaces district wide, including a range of outdoor sports facilities. The level of detail within this document provides a bespoke assessment of the supply and demand for different pitch sports and outlines specific priorities for future provision. This is particularly important in light of the population growth within the local area.

Towcester Transport Study

This study examines the impact of planned growth in Towcester, Brackley and Silverstone on the A43 and A5 with a view to considering whether that growth can be sustained and what transport solutions are required to manage traffic growth. The study concludes:

The studies can be viewed here:

Retail Study

In May 2009 Chase & Partners were instructed by us to undertake an assessment of future retail requirements for the District's main settlements of Towcester and Brackley and their catchments. The final Report was published in March 2010.

This study forms part of the evidence base for the masterplans for Towcester and Brackley; the South Northants Economic Development Strategy and Transport Strategy as well as the West Northamptonshire Local Development Framework (LDF) and in particular the Core Strategy. The Study will provide guidance for South Northamptonshire Council in the assessment of development proposals for retail planning applications. To access the Retail Study documentation please access the link below:

Economic Development Strategy

We adopted a new Economic Development Strategy in March 2010. This document sets out the economic development priorities for the District for the next 5 years. It proposes a range of measures to support people back into work; to help businesses grow; to develop our market towns; to sustain our villages and to promote tourism across the District. The strategy and accompanying 'State of the District Economy' Reports can be accessed on this link:

Transport Strategy

We adopted a Transport Strategy that aims to influence the provision of transport across South Northamptonshire by Northamptonshire County Council, the bus companies and others. The proposals set out in the strategy are to improve and sustain transport and ensure the future growth of the District has sufficient transport provision. The strategy and other local transport information can be accessed on the link below:

Renewable Energy

We are currently preparing a new SPD to guide consideration of development with a renewable energy component. The paper below sets out the range of issues being considered.

Housing Strategy

We have a Housing Strategy and a substantial evidence base of local housing demand. We are responsible for enabling new affordable housing developments. Details of the Strategy and evidence in the District can be accessed on the link below:

To enable new affordable housing developments, we work with town and parish councils to carry out Housing Need Surveys. These enable us to assess the need and supply of affordable housing in the district.

Grange Park: Lessons Learnt

In September 2010 the we published a report on the 'lessons learned from design and implementation of Green Infrastructure, wider delivery and urban design issues within the Grange Park Development'. Grange Park is the largest development in South Northamptonshire over the past 10 years and the lessons it presents are valuable for how the proposed new developments on the edge of Northampton and the extensions to Towcester and Brackley are taken forward. It is clearly important to understand what the lessons are from a large urban extension to a major town, to apply what has worked well and to avoid repeating the same mistakes in future developments.

Other Evidence

Please use the following link to access the evidence base that is informing the Joint Core Strategy for South Northamptonshire. This includes reports on landscape character, flood risk and water cycle study, housing, employment, retail and infrastructure.

Health and Wellbeing Forum

Public services are changing the way they work with an increasing focus on local arrangements and local people and communities being involved in achieving the objectives of truly sustainable communities. The Health and Wellbeing Forum for South Northamptonshire has identified priority areas to be tackled which can be viewed below.

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