Find your Parish or Town Council

Use this table below to find out which Parish/Ward you are in. For more information see Parish or Town Council contact details.

Town/Village/Hamlet Parish/Town Council South Northamptonshire Council Ward
Abthorpe Abthorpe Washington
Adstone Adstone (Parish Meeting) Blakesley and Cote
Alderton Alderton (Parish Meeting) Tove
Ashton Ashton Salcey
Astcote Pattishall Blakesley and Cote
Aston le Walls Aston le Walls Danvers and Wardoun
Astwell Helmdon Astwell
Aynho Aynho Little Brook
Blakesley Blakesley Blakesley and Cote
Blisworth Blisworth Blisworth and Roade
Brackley Brackley (Town Council) Brackley East/Brackley South/Brackley West
Bradden Bradden (Parish Meeting) Kingthorn
Brafield-on-the-Green Brafield-on-the-Green Brafield and Yardley
Bugbrooke Bugbrooke Heyfords and Bugbrooke
Caldecote Towcester (Town Council) Towcester Mill
Castle Ashby Castle Ashby Brafield and Yardley
Chacombe Chacombe Danvers and Wardoun
Chadstone Castle Ashby Brafield and Yardley
Charlton Newbottle Steane
Chipping Warden Chipping Warden Danvers and Wardoun
Cogenhoe Cogenhoe and Whiston Brafield and Yardley
Cold Higham Cold Higham Blakesley and Cote
Cosgrove Cosgrove Cosgrove and Grafton
Courteenhall Courteenhall (Parish Meeting) Blisworth and Roade
Croughton Croughton Little Brook
Crowfield Syresham Astwell
Culworth Culworth Danvers and Wardoun
Dalscote Pattishall Blakesley and Cote
Deanshanger Deanshanger Deanshanger
Denton Denton Brafield and Yardley
Duncote Greens Norton Kingthorn
Eastcote Pattishall Blakesley and Cote
Easton Neston Easton Neston (Parish Meeting) Towcester Mill
Edgcote Edgcote (Parish Meeting) Danvers and Wardoun
Evenley Evenley Little Brook
Eydon Eydon Danvers and Wardoun
Falcutt Helmdon Astwell
Farthinghoe Farthinghoe Steane
Foscote Abthorpe Washington
Fosters Booth Pattishall Blakesley and Cote
Foxley Blakesley Blakesley and Cote
Furtho Potterspury Whittlewood
Gayton Gayton Harpole and Grange
Grafton Regis Grafton Regis (Parish Meeting) Cosgrove and Grafton
Grange Park Grange Park Grange Park
Great Purston Farthinghoe Steane
Greatworth Greatworth Steane
Greens Norton Greens Norton Kingthorn
Grimscote Cold Higham Blakesley and Cote
Hackleton Hackleton Hackleton
Halse Greatworth Steane
Harpole Harpole Harpole and Grange
Hartwell Hartwell Salcey
Heathencote Paulerspury Tove
Helmdon Helmdon Astwell
Hinton in the Hedges Hinton in the Hedges (Parish Meeting) Steane
Horton Hackleton Hackleton
Hulcote Easton Neston (Parish Meeting) Towcester Mill
Kings Sutton Kings Sutton Kings Sutton
Kislingbury Kislingbury Harpole and Grange
Litchborough Litchborough Blakesley and Cote
Little Houghton Little Houghton Brafield and Yardley
Little Purston Kings Sutton Kings Sutton
Lower Boddington Boddington Danvers and Wardoun
Maidford Maidford Blakesley and Cote
Marston St Lawrence Marston St Lawrence Danvers and Wardoun
Middleton Cheney Middleton Cheney Middleton Cheney
Milton Malsor Milton Malsor Harpole and Grange
Moreton Pinkney Moreton Pinkney Washington
Nether Heyford Nether Heyford Heyfords and Bugbrooke
Newbottle Newbottle Steane
Old Stratford Old Stratford Old Stratford
Overthorpe Overthorpe Middleton Cheney
Passenham Old Stratford Old Stratford
Pattishall Pattishall Blakesley and Cote
Paulerspury Paulerspury Tove
Piddington Hackleton Hackleton
Plumpton Weston and Weedon Washington
Potterspury Potterspury Whittlewood
Preston Deanery Hackleton Hackleton
Pury End Paulerspury Tove
Puxley Deanshanger Deanshanger
Quinton Quinton Hackleton
Radstone Radstone (Parish Meeting) Astwell
Roade Roade Blisworth and Roade
Rothersthorpe Rothersthorpe Harpole and Grange
Shutlanger Shutlanger Tove
Silverstone Silverstone Silverstone
Slapton Slapton (Parish Meeting) Blakesley and Cote
Steane Farthinghoe Steane
Stoke Bruerne Stoke Bruerne Tove
Stuchbury Greatworth Steane
Sulgrave Sulgrave Washington
Syresham Syresham Astwell
Thenford Thenford (Parish Meeting) Danvers and Wardoun
Thorpe Mandeville Thorpe Mandeville Danvers and Wardoun
Tiffield Tiffield Blakesley and Cote
Towcester Towcester (Town Council) Towcester Brook / Towcester Mill
Upper Boddington Boddington Danvers and Wardoun
Upper Heyford Upper Heyford (Parish Meeting) Heyfords and Bugbrooke
Wappenham Wappenham Washington
Warkworth Warkworth (Parish Meeting) Middleton Cheney
Weedon Lois Weston and Weedon Washington
Weston Weston and Weedon Washington
Whiston Cogenhoe Brafield and Yardley
Whitfield Whitfield (Parish Meeting) Astwell
Whittlebury Whittlebury Whittlewood
Wicken Wicken Deanshanger
Wood Burcote Towcester (Town Council) Towcester Brook
Woodend Woodend (Parish Meeting) Blakesley and Cote
Yardley Gobion Yardley Gobion Cosgrove and Grafton
Yardley Hastings Yardley Hastings Brafield and Yardley