Equality and Diversity

We, as a council, want to make sure we treat everyone equally regardless of disability, race, age, sex, sexuality or religion.

As part of this commitment, we work to understand people's differences and value them. If, in any of your dealings with us, you feel we have not treated you fairly and with respect because of your disability, race, age, sex, sexuality, religion/belief or pregnancy and maternity then please tell us so we can improve our services by using one of the following methods:

The Council seeks to screen all policies, procedures and services across the Council to make sure they are fair to everyone and don't disadvantage any particular group. These screenings are called Equality Impact Assessments (EIA). You can read the assessments we have already completed below.

1. EIA Housing Allocations Policy Sept 2015 (66 kb pdf)
2. EIA Joint Capability Policy 2015 (538 kb pdf)
3. EIA Flexi-time Policy 2015/16 (327 kb pdf)
4. EIA Sickness Absence Policy 2015/16 (336 kb pdf)
5. EIA Health and Safety 2015/16 (360 kb pdf)
6. EIA Change Relocation 2015/16 (61 kb pdf)
7. EIA new recycling service 2015/16 (56 kb pdf)
8. EIA allocations policy 2015/16 (55 kb pdf)
9. EIA council tax reduction scheme 2015/16 (62 kb  pdf)
10. EIA SNC Budget Business Plan 2015/16 (214 kb pdf)
11 EIA budget and business plan 2015/16 (53 kb pdf)
12. EIA community safety partnership 2015/16 (333 kb pdf)
13. EIA Electoral Services and IER 2015/16 (55 kb pdf)
14. EIA Housing Allocations Policy 2015/16 (240 kb pdf)
15. EIA Noise Policy 2015/16 (283 kb pdf)
16. EIA Joint Organisational Policy 2015/16 (385 kb pdf)
17. EIA Appendix 2015 (203 kb pdf)


Public sector equality duty

The public sector equality duty was brought in as part of the Equality Act (2010) and requires public authorities to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and promote good relations. It supports good decision making by ensuring that all public authorities understand how different people will be affected by their activities, so that services are appropriate and accessible to all, and meet different people's needs.

To demonstrate that we comply with the duty we have an equality and diversity strategy and action plan which is monitored regularly:

Northamptonshire Rights Charter for people with learning disabilities

South Northamptonshire Council alongside of Northamptonshire Authorities have signed up to the Northamptonshire Rights Charter for People with learning disabilities.

The Charter reflects a county wide commitment to providing services in a way that is accessible for people with learning difficulties. It sets out a simple set of 'rights' that customers should expect from the partners who have adopted the charter.

The Keep Safe Scheme

The Keep Safe Scheme was started in 2010, a group of people with learning disabilities met and decided to work together to assist others with understanding about hate crime and how to keep safe. The website includes information and advice on how to keep safe, the Keep Safe Scheme, and who to speak to for further help.

Hate Crime

If you feel you have been the victim of a hate crime and wish to report it, or even just want to know what constitutes a hate crime please see Hate Crime.


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