Application Forms

The following types of applications are available for use:

1. Full Plans Application
This comprises the submission of two sets of detailed plans together with an application form.

2. Building Notice Application
This method allows an applicant to submit a Notice, together with a site plan, the relevant Building Notice Fee and a simple description of the works. The Council issues no formal approval for this method of submission. Control depends entirely on site inspections and discussions, although the Council may request further information on specific aspects to ensure compliance with the regulations. A building notice application will expire after 3 years if work has not commenced.

*Note: A Full Plans Application must be used if it is found that a proposal is within 3m of a Public Sewer.

3. Regularisation Application
This method can be used to attempt to regularise unauthorised work that was undertaken after November 1985 and only if the work is not already subject to Building Control enforcement action. The submission should include an application form, plans and details of the work and the appropriate fee.

The Council may request works to be uncovered or exposed in order to determine whether the work complies with Building Regulation requirements. In certain circumstances this process may result in remedial work being required or in the worst case having offending work removed. Whilst obtaining a regularisation certificate may be desirable, the council is not obliged to issue a certificate if the works are found to be inadequate. You are advised to contact Building Control for a pre-application discussion if you suspect unauthorised work has been undertaken.

4. Self Certification
For certain minor works self certification can be used as an alternative to submitting a Building Regulation Application. In order to ensure public safety isn't compromised these works can only be carried out by specialist qualified contractors that are regulated by an approved body. For more information see Self-Certification Schemes.

5. Initial Notice
This is a notice served on the Council when an approved inspector is nominated to undertake the Building Control function.


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