Local Land Searches and Charges

Local Land Charges Searches, which let homebuyers know about any restrictions that could affect their new property, is a vital part of the homebuying process. Local Authority Searches contain information that potential home buyers need to know before deciding whether to complete their purchase.

On-line search requests:

NLIS: We are are Level 2 NLIS, which means we receive search requests electronically (their fees apply). These are then returned by first class post. To find out more about this service contact the NLIS channel: SearchFlow

TM Search: You can send the request via TM Search channel (their fees apply). We will then return the replies via  first class post.

Search requirements:

Changes: We are no longer on DX , postal searches should be sent via first class post

Payment methods:

Turnaround times: 5-10 working days

Request Section 106 agreements-email land.charges@southnorthants.gov.uk

Request Section 38 /220 Highway agreements 

See Section 38 pages on Northamptonshire County Council website or Tel ( 01604) 367036 or (01604) 367988

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Local Land Charges
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