Local Land Searches and Charges

Local Land Charges Searches, which let homebuyers know about any restrictions that could affect their new property, is a vital part of the homebuying process. Local Authority Searches contain information that potential home buyers need to know before deciding whether to complete their purchase.

On-line search requests:

NLIS: We are are Level 2 NLIS, which means we receive search requests electronically (their fees apply). These are then returned by DX or first class post. To find out more about this service contact the NLIS channel: SearchFlow

TM Search: You can send the request via TM Search channel (their fees apply). We will then return the replies via DX or first class post.

Search requirements:

Payment methods:

Turnaround times: 5-10 working days

Request Section 106 agreements-email land.charges@southnorthants.gov.uk

Request Section 38 /220 Highway agreements 

See Section 38 pages on Northamptonshire County Council website or Tel ( 01604) 367036 or (01604) 367988

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Local Land Charges
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