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Silverstone Circuit Approved Development Brief

This Brief provides guidance on the future development of Silverstone Circuit and adjacent areas within the ownership of the circuit. It covers land lying in both South Northamptonshire and Aylesbury Vale Districts. The Brief proposes a number of uses including employment and education and others which will add to the attraction of the circuit as a venue for recreation and leisure focussed on motorsport. These proposals are, in addition to the proposals included in the South Northamptonshire Local Plan adopted October 1997 and Aylesbury Vale District Local Plan adopted January 2004, incorporated in the Brief.

Both Councils consulted their communities between 16 October and 26 November 2007 on a draft version of this document. The public responses arising from the consultation and the views of Councillors were taken into account before adoption and publication of this final version. The main change arising from consultation is the omission of the housing development proposed on the edge of Silverstone village and the consequential re-drawing of the site boundary to the south of the A43.

In South Northamptonshire the suggested amendments arising from the consultation were considered by the Council's Cabinet on 4 February 2008. Following a call in of the decision under the Council's scrutiny arrangements further consideration was undertaken by the Economic and Environmental Resources and Development Committee on 27 February 2008, Full Council on 2 April 2008 and the Cabinet again on 14 April 2008. Adoption of the Brief was delegated to identified senior officers in consultation with identified Cabinet members. Because of the changes after 14 April regarding the relocation of the Grand Prix and the consequent falling away of the enablement case for the proposed housing the matter was again considered by Cabinet on 13 October 2008. At this meeting Cabinet resolved to adopt the Brief, but the matter was called in again and was considered by the Economic and Environmental Resources and Development Committee on 27 November 2008. On reviewing the matter again on 8 December the Cabinet approved the Development Brief subject to some additional/amended wording, which was agreed with Aylesbury Vale District Council on 4 February 2009, and is now incorporated in this final version.

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