Council Tax


Pay Council Tax You can pay your Council Tax bill using our online payment system.
Ways to pay Information on different ways you can pay your Council Tax.


Changing a Council Tax account

Changing / new address Inform us of your change of address online, so we can update your Council Tax account. (Includes moving to South Northamptonshire from a different district and signing up for the first time.)
Deceased person The earlier you contact us after someone dies, the sooner we can cancel the Council Tax.


Discounts and exemptions

Council Tax forms Download Council Tax discount and exemption application forms.
Discounts View list and apply online for discounts that you may qualify for.
Exemptions View list and apply online for exemptions that you may qualify for.
Attachment to earnings and deductions from income support Information on Council Tax and how we will decide the best way to get it back from you if it isn't paid.
Council Tax reduction Council Tax reduction is based on the income, savings and circumstances of your household and the amount of Council Tax you have to pay.


Council Tax bands

Council Tax bands and levels View Council Tax bands and levels.
Council Tax 2016/17 Council Tax per parish and band.
How to appeal against your Council Tax banding Information on how to appeal against a Council Tax band.
Joint responsibility for Council Tax Information about properties which are jointly owned.


Further information

What happens if you don't pay your Council Tax Information about when we will send out reminders and other notices.
Who we collect your Council Tax on behalf of Information about the other bodies we collect Council Tax on behalf of.
Town and parish council precepts Information about parish precepts.
Who has to pay Council Tax Information on who has to pay Council Tax and how we work it out.

Bankruptcy and liquidation

Information on when we would start bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings against you.
Enforcement agents and your rights Information about when we would need to get enforcement agents involved.

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