New Homes Bonus Grants

The New Homes Bonus is a funding stream that the Council receives when new houses are built within the district. The bonus is paid by central Government and is aimed at supporting communities affected by growth and development. The Council has adopted a policy to ring-fence 30% of the New Homes Bonus for grants to parish and town areas that have seen housing growth. Allocations to each area are based on the number of new homes built within that area.

The Council has also ring-fenced a further 10% of this fund for grants to community and voluntary sector groups for projects and activities that have a wider benefit to the district.

The Council has undertaken to review its grants funding annually as part of the budget planning process. This includes both Community Development and New Homes Bonus grants.

New Homes Bonus Local Community Grant

This fund is ring-fenced for local parish/town areas. The total funding available to each parish or town is based upon the number of new homes built in the parish/town area. The applicant must be a town/parish council or a community group from within the local area to apply for funds that have been ring-fenced for that area.

Community Groups are encouraged to talk to Parish and Town Councils about any bids before they are submitted to South Northamptonshire Council.

Eligible projects may be entitled to up to 100% of the total cost, although bids that include some form of match funding are encouraged.

New Homes Bonus Voluntary Sector Grant

This fund is available to any community or voluntary sector group based in the district or offering services, projects or activities within the district that cover more than one ward.

Eligible projects may be entitled to a grant of up to 35% of the total cost.

Projects must benefit more than one ward in the district.

Application Process

To apply for a grant you need to complete the application form (133 kb Word document)Guidance notes (236 kb pdf) are available to help you complete the form.

If you are in any doubt about how to complete the forms please email or call Katie Arnold on 01327 322216

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