Car Parks in South Northamptonshire

Tove long stay, Northampton Road, Towcester

Tove short stay, Northampton Road, Towcester

London Road, Towcester

Richmond Road, Towcester

High Street / Market Place, Brackley

Disabled Parking

Planning guidance - Parking

We have adopted planning guidance on parking which has been drawn up and agreed by all seven county, district and borough councils in Northamptonshire. This planning guidance sets out how all councils will make sure that there is the right amount of parking in any new development in the county.

Parking Enforcement

Parking restrictions in South Northamptonshire are enforced by Northamptonshire County Council. To find out how this affects you, go to the Parking Management page on the County Council's website.

Penalty Charge Notices

For further information regarding parking in South Northamptonshire, please contact see Parking:


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