Climate change and energy efficiency

Our carbon management plan is currently being written with a view to publishing it shortly, the plan will then be found in Our carbon footprint page. The plan will outline our strategy of reducing the councils carbon footprint against its baseline of 2008/09 with annual progress calculated according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change guidance.

The carbon management plan will provide a clear response to the threat of climate change and fulfils our objective to 'protect the district' so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

In conjunction to this we actively work with our neighbouring councils as part of the Northamptonshire climate change strategy. The strategy sets out how we will work with our communities and other stakeholders to increase protection of vulnerable areas against the impact of severe weather events and predicted climate change.

The strategy and plan builds on the steps already taken by us to increase recycling levels and reduce energy use.

You can find more information about the strategy and the science of climate change in the following sections:

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